Belly Dance

Belly Dancing is a sensual 'body talking' dance. Belly dancers internalize and express the emotions evoked by the music. The most admired belly dancers are those who can best project their emotions through dance, even if their dance is made up of simple movements. The dancer's goal is to visually communicate to the audience the emotion and rhythm of the music.

The benefits of belly dance are both mental and physical. It emphasizes on abdominal muscles, hip moves, and chest moves. It is firm and earthy, with bare feet connected to the ground. It is a dance characterized by smooth, flowing, complex, and sensual movements of the upper body, alternated with shaking and shimmy type moves. Belly dance is suitable for all ages and body types.

Belly dance gives you the opportunity to gain self confidence, explore the many unique techniques of your personality, escape from your everyday life an discover the rare beauty of your body. It is gaining popularity among men and women who want to lose weight.

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