Break Dance

Break dance is a street dance style that evolved as part of the hip hop movement that originated among African American youths in New York City in early 1970s. B-boying was a positive way for the youth to express them self through music instead of violence. The dance consists of Top rocks – the upright dance form, 2nd Footwork – the dance on the floor, 3rd Power moves- the dynamic movement, and finally The freeze. B-boying is not just a dance it is also a culture and a lifestyle that is very important to the elements of real Hip Hop.

Since its inception, break dancing has provided a youth culture constructive alternative to violent urban street gangs. Today, break dancing culture is a remarkable discipline somewhere in between those of dancers and athletes. Since acceptance and involvement of dance skills, break dancing culture is free from the common race, gender and age boundaries of a subculture that has been accepted worldwide.

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