Burlesque Dance

Inspired by the US blockbuster movie “Burlesque”-starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. Let’s dance incorporated “tease” into tasteful dance moves- Let’s Burlesque! Bear in mind that Burlesque encompasses so much more than just stripping. A burlesque dancer rarely strips down to less than a g-string and pasties, and traditional Burlesque was also not limited to just women. Besides, a very good burlesque dancer may remove not more than a glove or stocking.   

Our burlesque dance class is geared toward fun and easy moves to get you fit and fine. You’ll learn the art of the strut, bump, grind, and shimmy. How to flirt with a boa, peel a glove with fierceness, twirl tassels in every direction, and more! Burlesque dance will help one boost confidence and improve body coordination.  Join with friends as a fun way to begin your ladies nights in town!

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