Joie Koo

Instructor Joie Koo-Contemporary DanceJoie Koo
Dance: Contemporary Dance

Joie made his first attempt in relating with dancing career back in the year 1994. Kicked off with learning and training in Ballet and Contemporary Dance, his initial inspirations came from two of the Penang Contemporary Dance pioneers, Choo Tee Kuang and Loke Soh Kim, who both are still actively involved in the contemporary dance performance and education.

After years of venturing, growing and expanding with these two respectful teachers, he continued the journey by joining another great teacher, Aida Redza, who's one of the renowned contemporary dancers in Malaysia.

He's grown, not only in performing but also into choreographing and stage-lighting designing. He has participated too in some of the many local and national dance festival including MyDance Festival and TARI Malaysia and has won titles from various dance competitions including Penang Dance Competition and National Dance Competition.

To name a few (performance, choreography and lighting design):

"Treasure of Movement", "Gui Qu Lai Xi", "Speak My Language", "Me", "Rites", "A World In A City", "Competition", "Akira", "Time", "This And That", "Lost in Love", "Yellow Child", "Earth Dance", "One Man Romance", "Someday I Will Die In Your Dream", "Angel's Forgotten Street", "Nous Voulons Juste Danser", "Sky Chant".

He is now the guest choreographer and instructor for secondary schools, and he shines through the lights being the stage lighting designer for dance competitions and performances.

"Dance with Light! "
- Joie Koo