Roxy-Yvonne Tang

Instructor Yvonne Tang - SalsaRoxy-Yvonne Tang
Dance: Salsa

Yvonne started off as a dance instructor since 2006. Since then, Yvonne has amassed much experience and awards to add to her portfolio. In 2007, Yvonne was ranked 4th for Samba Dance and 5th for Jive Dance at the 1st Province Wesley Ballroom Dance Competition.

Through the years, Yvonne has build up other dance skills like Salsa and Bachata. She has also interacted with foreign salsa dance instructors at the 1st World Salsa Congress @ Port Dickson.

To add to her growing profile, Yvonne was invited to dance performances for Salsa Dance at Wedding Dinner, Charity Events and Company Anniversary.

"I have the passion to share my happiness and my experience with the students who likes dancing. I would like to create awareness for Salsa in Penang and get more people to join the Salsa dance community. "
- Yvonne